INTRODUCTION Design has been a part of human culture from the dawn of time. We have used and continue to utilise design to express vital messages since have advanced.  Every piece of our design should contribute to enhancing our users’ experience and more clearly communicating what we want to convey through the design. The idea […]

Websites live and die with their conversion rates. Good conversion rates mean more sales and revenue while lower conversion rates mean you will struggle to keep your business running. Since maintaining healthy conversion rates is critical to running a successful online business, it is important to monitor and manage one of the most important aspects […]

You may have the best marketing strategy in the world, the most impressive website design, and the strong community around your product, but you may not be the seller you would expect if you did not have an easy-to-use website. Making sure your website is easy to use is something most people forget about, focusing […]

The advent of smartphones has undeniably changed the future of digital marketing. Google’s mobile-friendly updates are forcing companies to accept the fact that mobile is the future. Hence, companies around the world are now keeping mobile phones on their radar to shape  their digital marketing strategies. SEO, a fundamental and  integral part of digital marketing, […]

Search engine optimization is the product of hunt machines — search machine companies develop ranking factors and use those factors to determine the most applicable content for a hunt. still, before a hunt machine can determine the most applicable content, it must crawl and indicator it. * Crawling search machines use crawling to discover Andre-discover […]

Graphic contrivers are frequently called upon to use creativity, collaboration and other soft chops in their work. We spoke with real- life graphic contrivers to find out which overlooked rates can make you a star player in the graphic design field. 1. Active listening Graphic contrivers are not single artists who work in solitariness to […]