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Impact Of Voice Based Search On Modern SEO

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The advent of smartphones has undeniably changed the future of digital marketing. Google’s mobile-friendly updates are forcing companies to accept the fact that mobile is the future. Hence, companies around the world are now keeping mobile phones on their radar to shape  their digital marketing strategies.

SEO, a fundamental and  integral part of digital marketing, is also influenced by the development of smartphones and voice-based search. The local search via mobile devices has already dominated the conventional search for information.Due to the great advances in technology, digital marketing has become dynamic. One of these technological advances is voice search through mobile devices. Technology aims to make life easier, and language-based searches are the best example of that.

With voice search, you don’t have to type a keyword or phrase into your device to gather information; all you have to do is  speak your request to get the results. Voice search has changed the perspective of finding information on smartphones. Additionally, language-based search has impacted the SEO equations, which is why marketers today are considering these crucial changes and trying to incorporate them as  part of their SEO tactics.

Let’s look at some of the amazing voice search stats:

In  the times to come, voice based search will explode. A  USA Today report shows that the word error rate has dropped to about 8 percent from 25 percent a few years ago.

According to Google, 55% of teenagers and 41% of adults use voice search on a daily basis. However, this information was published in 2014; You can estimate  to what extent voice search would have increased as smartphone users increased.20% of mobile searches are voice searches.

Why Voice Search?

 Not only has technology made our lives less stressful, but it has also intrigued us  and forced us to think about what’s next. Voice search is the result of the need to work faster.Nowadays we love to get things done on the go and voice search allows us to do the same. In addition, there is no need to enter text and keywords to search for information.

The reasons for its increasing popularity are quite simple, speed and a desire to  search easily.

How will it affect SEO?

Here are some factors that show how SEO is being impacted by the growing popularity of voice-based search.

Keyword Research

Keywords have been at the heart of SEO since the beginning, but over time their importance has diminished. Due to excessive, low-quality keyword spam content hitting various websites, Google ended up downplaying the relevance of keyword-focused searches.

However, keywords still form a crucial part of SEO that helps to achieve high rankings in the SERPs. Keyword research will change as a result of voice-based searches on smartphones. Now the focus is on embedding keywords in useful content created based on user intent, which will be a big challenge for SEO professionals.

Formal keyword phrases will continue to be widespread in the coming period. Understand this with an example: When someone is looking for advice on content marketing, instead of “tips for writing effective content” they say “how to create or what are the tips for creating effective content?”.”

Question-based search will be in demand

With the help of voice search, users do not have to repeatedly enter keywords for relevant results. Just saying the key phrase is enough to get the desired result.

For example, instead of entering the text “Indian restaurant,” a user might ask, “Where can  we get Indian food?”

Therefore, because of the language-based search, users will focus on typing a full query in question forms instead of inserting keyword texts. So it’s not wrong to assume that  queries about who, how, what, when, where, why will explode in the next few days.So get ready and make a major adjustment to your SEO strategy to focus more  on getting high rankings for mobile-facing websites.

Conversational content will take center stage.

Natural content gains more preference or weight for your SEO campaign. Try to incorporate your targeted keywords into your content so that you can get  desired results for SEO services. In short, humanize your content. Create it based on user intent, which means the content should look like  natural  content that aligns very closely with the user’s request.But at the same time, you also need to focus on your marketing goals.

Local SEO will play a crucial role

For professionals, language-based search will create a need to focus on local SEO. Today’s users like to search for local information via their smartphone.

For example, if you live in Delhi and need a gynecologist,  ask “Where is a gynecologist in the US?” Therefore, local search engine optimization will take center stage when  searching for information via voice search.The Future of Voice-Based Search

Domino’s report states that 65% of their revenue comes from digital channels in the US. Well, those are not bad stats to consider and anticipate that in the times to come, voice search will grab smartphones.

The information  highlighted above shows how language-based search affects SEO. If you are a business owner,  it would be to your advantage to consider the importance of voice search and adjust your SEO strategy accordingly in order to rank well in the SERPs.


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