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Brand Designs That Influence The Market

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Design is the cornerstone of every product experience. It is the secret to effective marketing, enriching your product content, and making your products stand out. In other words, design is the unifying force behind every aspect of your company, transforming your business into a cohesive, tangible type.

Good design establishes the nature and reputation of your business, and enhances the way consumers think about your product.

1. Design makes your product memorable.

Consistent design in all your products and forums gives your product a certain look and feel – and this look and feel form the core of your brand identity.

Consumers may remember their interaction with your company when your design is attractive and unique. A bad logo, website, or product design makes your product memorable and difficult to distinguish from the competition.

Beautiful design, on the other hand — eye-catching logo, distinctive color combinations, attractive product packaging, easy-to-use web interface — produces memorable product interactions.

Apple’s clear, friendly, and simple look is a perfect example of an unforgettable design. The small Apple logo (with the missing missing piece), a fairly simple color scheme, and the smooth glass of Apple stores have turned the company from a technology company into a popular brand for everyone to hear.

2. Design makes your product more reliable.

Have you left the website because it has an undesirable or outdated UI (user interface)? A study from Stanford University found that 75% of users made decisions about product integrity based on the design of its website.

Even if your company offers an excellent product, it is difficult for users to believe in your product when there is no visible appeal. If you do not put effort into your design, users think, how much effort do you put into your product?

Good design — whether on your website, social media pages or product packaging — builds the confidence of your audience. While the connection between design and reliability may seem unrealistic, having a well-designed product is a big part of establishing credibility.

3. The design determines the initial appearance.

Consumers these days are driven by second division decisions. Studies have shown that consumers create an idea about a web page in just 50 milliseconds — meaning your design needs to make a good impression once you start looking.

Why is this important?

It’s easy. If your product looks good, users will forget and consider buying. If it is not attractive, users will immediately go elsewhere to get what they need.

Even before consumers know something about your product, your website design, social media pages, and ads can quickly determine if a customer is choosing a competitor product instead of you.

4. The design reflects your personality.

Design has the potential to give users a quicker understanding of your product personality, or the “personal” character traits that best describe your product.

Is your company fast and modern? Are you brave and strong? New and enthusiastic? Every aspect of your design, from your logo to your choice of font to your color palette, has the potential to interact with your company’s personality — and to attract the right audience as a result.

Nike’s motto Just Do It and a quick check logo reflect a type of sportswear as competitive, airy, and inspiring. These visual features highlight Nike’s personality from the very beginning when a consumer interacts with a product.

5. Design is about your promises and values.

Just as design has the power to communicate your personality, it also has the power to communicate the promise of your product and company values. This, in turn, helps you to communicate with your target audience — customers who share your values ​​and feel inspired by your product promise.

Good design not only reflects your product; and adds a description to your product. Why does your product do what you do? What does your company care about? What promises do you make to your customers? If these responses are relevant to the target audience and are immediately visible in your design, you will attract the right customers for your product.

6. Design makes your brand easy to use.

The information that users have in connection with your product will make or break your company’s success. A big part of this user experience is designing — guessing — design. A successful design means good UX throughout the customer journey, starting with your website and ending with the purchase.

Your goal, as a company that aims to change track and promote customer acquisition, is to make the customer journey as seamless as possible. If the customer journey is smooth, they are more likely to partner with your company and buy your products.

Excellent design is attractive and practical, impresses your customers visibly, encourages them to get involved, and directs them to the marketing process in a smooth, straightforward manner, with your users in the facility.

7. The design encourages customer acquisition.

An effective design transforms expectations and leads customers. An eye-catching logo, smart ad, and attractive website attract customers for your company.

Attractive content — full of white space, well-placed images and video, attractive visual themes, and easy-to-read visual interface — keeps the audience engaged on your site and keeps them in love with your product.

8. Design sets expectations.

The way we perceive a product, in part, is driven by what we expect. Many consumers are dedicated to the company even before trying its products, because they know in advance that the product should be good.

The secret to building this kind of reputation, which makes your company popular around the world, is, without a doubt, lies in product design that works. If you have a good design in your stores, packaging for your product, your website, and everything in between, you will build a good reputation — and if you build a great reputation that builds loyal customers.


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