Social Media Marketing


Importance Of Social Media Marketing

    Do you know how many people are on social media? 80% of our population uses social media and 59% access social media every day, now you know why?

    If you are not on social media with your business, you are making the biggest mistake. People look for different products and services and want different options to choose from.

    The 3 most targeted social media is Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You will find all age groups on facebook so you can target the most audience there.

    Instagram is more of a videos and images where you can show a portfolio of all your work.

    And Twitter is a target for all the news and competition in the market. You can tell people what is new and running in the market so they increase their traffic.

    All you need is a unique name or hashtag and people will follow you like crazy.

    A brand name gets famous through social media. Social media will help you target and retarget customers.

    Social media is cost effective too because it doesn't take too much money and you target a lot of people with it without putting your business at sake.

Some Facts About Social Media Marketing

Instagram now has 500 million daily active users. It was also mentioned that it has 2 million advertisers on the platform.

On average, people have 7.6 million social media users.

74% of Facebook users check it every day.


You now have to decide whether you want to be on social media or not. There are already a lot of businesses online and getting customers everyday or at least they are spreading about their company using social media, why are you lacking behind? Social Media is a place where you can attract a lot of customers. Small or large, even though a lot of people know about your business, you still have to be a part of social media because it attracts a lot of new customers and the reach is not measurable.


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